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Twikini is the best Windows Mobile Twitter client out there!

» posted 4138 days ago @ 04:11 PM by George Merlocco in pocketpc

Recently, I have been using Tiny Twitter on my Xperia X1 (running Windows Mobile) for keeping in touch with the micro-blogosphere. While being a great app, I still hadn't found that it suited all of my needs, particularly the ability to restyle the interface. I'm a tweak-a-holic and need to customize everything on my X1, and with Twikini, my needs are fulfilled. Twikini offers a great user interface for Twitter on my phone, and it is by far the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile out there.

If you're using a Windows Mobile device, and dabble in the world of Tweeting, then you should best head over to Trinket Software and grab yourself a copy! It's highly recommended and worth it!

Video of Twikini in action:

Fido cancels Conditional Call Forwarding option for Voicemail users

» posted 4222 days ago @ 03:43 PM by George Merlocco in technology

As of the last few weeks of February 2008, Fido has made a change to their Conditional Call Forwarding service. Basically, it came down to the fact that if you were subscribed to any of Fido's Voicemail options (either alone, or in a value package), you lost the ability to do Conditional Call Forwarding. The difference between Conditional and UNConditional, is that the former allows your phone to ring from 5-30 seconds before the call is diverted to another set of numbers based on whether certain, well, conditions are met. The latter, unconditional, means just that. It will forward all calls instantly to another single number. Note that UNConditional forwarding still seems to work, and most likely will continue to.

I had called a few Fido CSRs before, but none of them could confirm as to whether or not there was a way to re-establish CCF by possibly disabling the Voicemail option, even if you were paying for it as part of a package. Others at the HowardsForum topic had luck with simply disabling VM, but it's expected not to last very long.