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Adding domain users to the local admin group in Vista

» posted 4461 days ago @ 10:48 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Recently a client of mine adopted 2 new Vista laptops for use in the office domain which is run by a Win2k3 Server box. Many powerful features are available when a computer/user is joined to an Active Directory domain. Most of which I won't get into now.

The users of the new Vista laptops did need heightened permissions to install programs and the like, however I still wanted them to remain normal domain users in the AD. In Windows XP it was as easy as logging on as a local admin, running MMC and adding a domain user to the local administrators group. You would be able to browse the AD by selecting the "Locations..." button, however in Vista I found that it would ONLY show the local machine name, with no option to browse the domain which the laptop was joined to.