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"Magic Flashlights" video by Knife Show Inc.

» posted 4083 days ago @ 01:40 AM by George Merlocco in general

Although the content of this video is not very technical, it is my favourite wintertime hobby, snowboarding (OK, it's tied with hockey). The reason that I'm posting this is because I was truly intrigued by the glowing light trail effect that the producer, Mike Benson used when editing the film. Despite the fact that I don't have much expertise in video editing, it's still easy to tell that Mr. Benson did a smash-up job with this. Watch the video a few times and you'll notice true effects with the lights that you didn't on the first viewing.

Knife Show Inc and friends uncover a strange phenomenon at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. Snowboarding video takes place in and out of High Cascade Summer Camp. Shot and edited by Mike Benson.


Japanese beat doll...wonderful work of engineering!

» posted 4922 days ago @ 02:56 AM by George Merlocco in technology

It's time for another video folks! (I promise to start posting more relevant issues to the world of webdesign, but since this site is still a work in progress, this will have to do!). I came across this video and had to post it locally because I never want to forget about this dancing work of art. I would buy one, but the problem is, this thing is SO advanced (and there's only one), so it's just not available at this time. Anyways, have a look below to see what I'm talking about...don't miss the links to the creators' sites after it too!


Digital Grafitti Ink on Real Surfaces

» posted 4962 days ago @ 12:14 AM by George Merlocco in technology

It's not too often that you see something like this explode onto the 'net (...well, ok, maybe this happens more often than not), so I thought I'd share it with those of you who haven't seen it. Basically, the GRL has developed a method, along with an application that allows you to temporarily 'paint' on large buildings/walls with a projector and laser pointer. The team was in Holland and demonstrated this ultra-cool technology. Much more respects go to them for developing an actual Windows program which puts all of this together.

Check the video below for the scoop, then continue reading for the instructions on how to build one yourself!


Royksopp - Remind Me (Video)

» posted 4984 days ago @ 12:45 AM by George Merlocco in design

Very interesting concept for Royksopp's "Remind Me" music video. It is sort of like a large set of info-graphics that link to each other and animate in between. Great idea for what this woman's daily work day is, and how everything that she encounters is a system of it's own, and links back to her.


Web 2.o Re-think Ourselves.

» posted 4984 days ago @ 12:10 AM by George Merlocco in web

Take a look at this pretty enlightening video as to the history of the web, and how it's changed over time.