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Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" from Portal (Video)

» posted 4614 days ago @ 08:27 PM by George Merlocco in general

Jonathan Coulton is a great musician with a technical background. He is very humourous and intelligent about the lyrics he writes. Valve Software recently approached him to contribute music for their Portal project. Jonathan best describes what the song is all about at his website:

"The character is this hilarious passive aggressive personality, which is obviously a perfect subject for me. I write about that sort of thing all the time. I got an advance copy of the game when it was nearly finished, played through it, talked with the writers, and tried to get inside this character’s head as best I could. I bought my first ukulele specifically to record this song, it just seemed right for it. (Or maybe I wrote the song that way so I could buy a ukulele, hard to say.)"

A video of the final credits from Portal is below, and while it's hard to read the lyrics that appear, I encoded the audio at 128kbps so it's higher than standard for web video. The original video came from the game itself + Fraps (if Valve/Jonathan have any issues with me having this up, I will take it down). Enjoy!