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Adding domain users to the local admin group in Vista

» posted 4461 days ago @ 10:48 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Recently a client of mine adopted 2 new Vista laptops for use in the office domain which is run by a Win2k3 Server box. Many powerful features are available when a computer/user is joined to an Active Directory domain. Most of which I won't get into now.

The users of the new Vista laptops did need heightened permissions to install programs and the like, however I still wanted them to remain normal domain users in the AD. In Windows XP it was as easy as logging on as a local admin, running MMC and adding a domain user to the local administrators group. You would be able to browse the AD by selecting the "Locations..." button, however in Vista I found that it would ONLY show the local machine name, with no option to browse the domain which the laptop was joined to.


Move old IIS logs or any files using this handy script!

» posted 4676 days ago @ 03:11 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Over the many years that I have been administering Windows Servers, one of the most forgotten and cumbersome tasks is to properly manage the log files that servers generate. Hosting websites and other services often generate many .log files which can grow to immense sizes. Recently this had happened to me, and I was looking for a method/script to run through a directory I point it to, and move all log files older than a certain date to my other partition.

After a bit of hunting around on the net, I eventually came across this GREAT script that uses the Windows Script Host to do exactly what I wanted. The script was developed by pforret, and is available for download at the end of this post. The current version of WaRmZip.wsf is v1.7. Below is a listing of a few functions that it is capable of:

waRmZip.wsf v1.7 (Nov 2005)

Utility to clean up/free up space in a folder (and its subfolders):

  • compressing files after a certain number of days (with external program)
  • rotating files after a certain number of days/above a certain size
  • deleting files and/or empty folders after a certain period of time
  • moving files to other folders/disks