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Fixing a php.ini configuration file problem

» posted 4452 days ago @ 07:41 PM by George Merlocco in web

Though not too many people run PHP on top of IIS, (it's usually Apache, or LAMP) I am one of the few who does. I recently underwent setting up a proper development environment. This of course included installing PHP 5 and MySQL 5 onto IIS7 (within Windows Web Server 2008). I followed this guide which resulted in a successful integration of PHP within IIS7. Also note that if you are installing PHP onto Windows Server 2008 or IIS7, do NOT use the "Windows Installer" to set it up. Instead, grab the .zip file of all PHP files, and run through the manual installation procedures.

Anyways, on to the actual issue that I was experiencing, which caused me to reinstall Windows and waste about 5 hours of my precious life ;) I had PHP working, but the MySQL extension was not being loaded, specifically "php_mysql.dll". I thought everything was fine and dandy because when I ran a simple PHP_info test page that contained:

< ?php phpInfo();? >

I was greeted with the PHP configuration settings, however what I had failed to notice the first time was that some variables were not set correctly: