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Twikini is the best Windows Mobile Twitter client out there!

» posted 4138 days ago @ 04:11 PM by George Merlocco in pocketpc

Recently, I have been using Tiny Twitter on my Xperia X1 (running Windows Mobile) for keeping in touch with the micro-blogosphere. While being a great app, I still hadn't found that it suited all of my needs, particularly the ability to restyle the interface. I'm a tweak-a-holic and need to customize everything on my X1, and with Twikini, my needs are fulfilled. Twikini offers a great user interface for Twitter on my phone, and it is by far the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile out there.

If you're using a Windows Mobile device, and dabble in the world of Tweeting, then you should best head over to Trinket Software and grab yourself a copy! It's highly recommended and worth it!

Video of Twikini in action:

Adding domain users to the local admin group in Vista

» posted 4461 days ago @ 10:48 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Recently a client of mine adopted 2 new Vista laptops for use in the office domain which is run by a Win2k3 Server box. Many powerful features are available when a computer/user is joined to an Active Directory domain. Most of which I won't get into now.

The users of the new Vista laptops did need heightened permissions to install programs and the like, however I still wanted them to remain normal domain users in the AD. In Windows XP it was as easy as logging on as a local admin, running MMC and adding a domain user to the local administrators group. You would be able to browse the AD by selecting the "Locations..." button, however in Vista I found that it would ONLY show the local machine name, with no option to browse the domain which the laptop was joined to.


Microsoft's next-generation of web development tools

» posted 4815 days ago @ 03:11 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Microsoft has definitely been at it lately, preparing a new suite of technologies to hopefully coax more designers and developers to use their tools while creating websites. Basically, everything is built on the ASP.net 3.0 Framework, and even v3.5 is out in beta (v3.0 just came out!). Although I am more of a web designer and I don't use VS.net/etc., my co-founder Justin, is definitely right on top of the developer world, and plans to dev with all of this new stuff. I'll have to get him to post more info about it, but basically Microsoft has released updated versions to a whole slew of it's products, including Visual Studio 2008, Expression Studio, .net 3.0, Silverlight, and LinQ, just to name a few ;)

Designers will most likely be interested in the Expression Studio, as it couples with Silverlight to allow you to create rich, multimedia presentations on the web that can talk to back-end services for retrieving/manipulating data. XAML is used as the bridge for passing data between the back-end/database and the front-end. Developers will be focused more on Visual Studio 2008, LinQ, and ASP.net 3.0/3.5, as well as AJAX.net v1.0. Each of these two distinctive categories of website development are broken down by Microsoft into two formats, WCF and WPF.