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VistaMobile PocketPC theme finally completed!

» posted 4700 days ago @ 12:50 AM by George Merlocco in design

UPDATE: VistaMobile has been renamed to VistAdvance, and now supports AppToDate for ease of future updating. The theme has undergone a MAJOR redesign, so all existing users are encouraged to update. Please have a look at the following article to download this new version:

VistAdvance Wisbar Themeset finally released! [VGA+WVGA]

I've been hell bent on customizing my PocketPC phone to the nth degree, and while doing so I have created a new theme for my VGA device (HTC Universal) ALL Pocket PCs, both QVGA and VGA. It has been designed for ease of use while in the car or for using your fingers rather than the stylus. It's comprised of 3 main screens for the desktop, and top/bottom menubar skins. This theme is for VGA or QVGA PocketPCs running either WM2003 / WM5 / WM6 versions of the mobile OS. It requires Lakeridge Software's Wisbar Advance 2 (and up). Wisbar Advance Desktop (plugin) is also required to get the most out of this theme. If you do not have the desktop plugin, then you will still be able to skin your device, but you'll be missing the sweet interface that I created for the homescreens.

Lots of time and development have been put into creating this, and I couldn't have done it without the majority of graphics from Corleno. Thanks to him for allowing me to 'remix' his PocketPC / Wisbar theme, "Vista Pocket". Most of the topbar and softkey skins are from that theme, but the desktop is a fresh design from me. I have also used the wallpaper/backgrounds from mx-steel's "Dream Series". They have been modified to support some built-in background/layout graphics for some components used in my desktop theme. Read on after the pics for detailed installation instructions:

VistaMobile Preview VistaMobile Preview VistaMobile Preview

Theme Installation Instructions:

* Note that this guide is based on using a WM5 device.

* Please also note that once you install the Wisbar Advance Desktop (WAD) components of the theme, you will need to edit the shortcuts/large icons on each page. The shortcuts that exist will most likely induce a "cannot find file" error when you click them. This is normal, just click and hold on the icon in question and you'll be able to edit its properties to point to the correct path.

  1. Open the .zip file and extract the contents to a temporary folder on your PC.
    • If you're an advanced/experienced user of WA/WAD, may want to take a look through the file structure before copying the files to your device, as you may already know where to put them.
  2. Initiate an ActiveSync connection if you haven't done so already.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, copy the folders from the _copy_to_device_MAIN_memory_(root) folder to the device's main memory.
    • The files in \My Documents\My Pictures are the wallpapers that should be used. These may be kept anywhere on the device, but you'll need to tell Wisbar Desktop where their new home is, since the theme is preconfigured for this path.
    • The files in \Program Files\Lakeridge\Wisbar Advance\Themes\VistaMobile are the main Wisbar Advance (WA) theme resources that should be copied to wherever you keep your WA themes.
    • The files in \Themes\Desktop are the Wisbar Advance Desktop (WAD) theme files which should be copied to where your WAD themes are kept. Note that if you do not have WAD installed, you do not need to copy this folder.
  4. Open up WA and select the VistaMobile v1.0 theme that should now be in your list (try restarting WA if you have any issues).
  5. Apply the theme, and change any other settings if needed.
  6. WA should now be skinned, and next up is WAD. Simply click and hold on an open area on your WA Desktop and choose Theme Manager (note that "Author Mode" must be active).
  7. Select either "vistaMobile_P_VGA" (portrait)or "vistaMobile_L_VGA" (landscape) depending on what your current screen orientation is.
  8. Enjoy using Vista Mobile!

Extras Included:

  • The following files are found within the _extras folder in the .zip
  • Slide2Unlock v2.0 (S2U2) theme included (simply copy the files, overwriting the originals on your device)
  • Random wallpapers sized to 640 x 480
  • Blank large icon background for creating your own main icons
  • Marshall WaitCursor Touch Skin (replaces the traditional 4-colour/slice WM wait cursor)
  • Segoe UI fonts (Pocket Tweak or many other PPC programs will allow you to change the default system font to whatever you choose).

Please consider donating anything that you deem fair. I sacrificed a lot of time to build this theme for public use and create a .cab installer for easy installation. Thanks in advance for showing your support and encouraging me to update these themes!

Download the VGA .zip archive:

download file  vista_mobile_v1.0_w_extras-pLabs.zip - (3.72MB)
downloadedThis file has been downloaded 3418 times.

Download the QVGA .zip archive (thanks to kcguy for his conversion):

download file  vista_mobile_v1.0_QVGA_w_extras-pLabs.zip - (2.36MB)
downloadedThis file has been downloaded 2550 times.

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