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Twikini is the best Windows Mobile Twitter client out there!

» posted 4192 days ago @ 04:11 PM by George Merlocco in pocketpc

Recently, I have been using Tiny Twitter on my Xperia X1 (running Windows Mobile) for keeping in touch with the micro-blogosphere. While being a great app, I still hadn't found that it suited all of my needs, particularly the ability to restyle the interface. I'm a tweak-a-holic and need to customize everything on my X1, and with Twikini, my needs are fulfilled. Twikini offers a great user interface for Twitter on my phone, and it is by far the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile out there.

If you're using a Windows Mobile device, and dabble in the world of Tweeting, then you should best head over to Trinket Software and grab yourself a copy! It's highly recommended and worth it!

Video of Twikini in action:
Screenshots of the Twikini interface:

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Thanks for this. I’m new to the blogging and twittering scene and had problems finding the right software for my device. Not anymore :)

by AndrĂ© on 02.12.2010 @ 02:56 AM » #

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