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Digital Grafitti Ink on Real Surfaces

» posted 4881 days ago @ 12:14 AM by George Merlocco in technology

It's not too often that you see something like this explode onto the 'net (...well, ok, maybe this happens more often than not), so I thought I'd share it with those of you who haven't seen it. Basically, the GRL has developed a method, along with an application that allows you to temporarily 'paint' on large buildings/walls with a projector and laser pointer. The team was in Holland and demonstrated this ultra-cool technology. Much more respects go to them for developing an actual Windows program which puts all of this together.

Check the video below for the scoop, then continue reading for the instructions on how to build one yourself!

The full kit and howto can be found over at Theodore Watson's site, under the GRL Laser Tag Rotterdam - how to and source code article. Apparently the green laser that they use is *super* powerful, so don't point it at your eyes (or anyone else's for that matter!) If anyone does attempt to build this themselves, you had best leave a comment!

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very very interesting project … And very interesting way to create an ephemeral kind of art. Congrats!

by AiliaMore on 02.12.2010 @ 02:22 AM » #


That’s sick. I’m gonna get me one of those. :D I think I know what kind of laser they use. I wonder if you could get in any trouble for doingthis randomly to places…I mean it’s not permanent.

by Cody on 02.12.2010 @ 02:26 AM » #

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