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Our team at protogenLabs here is about more than just web developing. We are a couple of guys who appreciate a good dose of techie news, and that's what this notebook is all about. We will also post any news relating to our services, as well as any other relevant updates. Read on and find all sorts of interesting bits of info that we come across while browsing the web:


Business Paradigms: The Balanced Triangle

» posted 3929 days ago @ 10:34 PM by George Merlocco in Business

One of the first analogies that I heard about business has stuck with me until this very day. It is the notion of a triangle, or 'tripled-edged' sword when dealing with cost, time, and quality. Below is an article from Young Go Getter's Clayton McIlrath which explains it best:

Many of you will be familiar with this business triangle, and you may use different words, but for simplicity (and design) I’ve simplified this paradigm. This is often called the balance act in the business world, and when people refer to the balance act, they’re often referring the struggle to balance between Quality, Cost, and Efficiency. We’re going to look at the Balanced Triangle and identify what it takes to keep your business balanced and running smoothly.

High Costs

If money isn’t an object, then quality and efficiency are easy for a business. You can pull an any amount of resources needed to get the job done with this triangle. The problem is that high costs are usually only justified in the consulting industry (lawyers, doctors, advertising, etc) because the consumers looking for these services have been brought up by society to know that you get what you pay for, which can be really practically worthless if a consumer “cheaps out” in any of these services.

Be sure to read the rest of this great article after the break!


"Magic Flashlights" video by Knife Show Inc.

» posted 4137 days ago @ 01:40 AM by George Merlocco in general

Although the content of this video is not very technical, it is my favourite wintertime hobby, snowboarding (OK, it's tied with hockey). The reason that I'm posting this is because I was truly intrigued by the glowing light trail effect that the producer, Mike Benson used when editing the film. Despite the fact that I don't have much expertise in video editing, it's still easy to tell that Mr. Benson did a smash-up job with this. Watch the video a few times and you'll notice true effects with the lights that you didn't on the first viewing.

Knife Show Inc and friends uncover a strange phenomenon at Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. Snowboarding video takes place in and out of High Cascade Summer Camp. Shot and edited by Mike Benson.


Twikini is the best Windows Mobile Twitter client out there!

» posted 4192 days ago @ 04:11 PM by George Merlocco in pocketpc

Recently, I have been using Tiny Twitter on my Xperia X1 (running Windows Mobile) for keeping in touch with the micro-blogosphere. While being a great app, I still hadn't found that it suited all of my needs, particularly the ability to restyle the interface. I'm a tweak-a-holic and need to customize everything on my X1, and with Twikini, my needs are fulfilled. Twikini offers a great user interface for Twitter on my phone, and it is by far the best Twitter client for Windows Mobile out there.

If you're using a Windows Mobile device, and dabble in the world of Tweeting, then you should best head over to Trinket Software and grab yourself a copy! It's highly recommended and worth it!

Video of Twikini in action:

Fido cancels Conditional Call Forwarding option for Voicemail users

» posted 4276 days ago @ 03:43 PM by George Merlocco in technology

As of the last few weeks of February 2008, Fido has made a change to their Conditional Call Forwarding service. Basically, it came down to the fact that if you were subscribed to any of Fido's Voicemail options (either alone, or in a value package), you lost the ability to do Conditional Call Forwarding. The difference between Conditional and UNConditional, is that the former allows your phone to ring from 5-30 seconds before the call is diverted to another set of numbers based on whether certain, well, conditions are met. The latter, unconditional, means just that. It will forward all calls instantly to another single number. Note that UNConditional forwarding still seems to work, and most likely will continue to.

I had called a few Fido CSRs before, but none of them could confirm as to whether or not there was a way to re-establish CCF by possibly disabling the Voicemail option, even if you were paying for it as part of a package. Others at the HowardsForum topic had luck with simply disabling VM, but it's expected not to last very long.


VistAdvance Wisbar Themeset finally released! [VGA+WVGA]

» posted 4339 days ago @ 11:49 AM by George Merlocco in pocketpc

It's been a while since I've updated the Wisbar Advance PocketPC theme that I created over a year ago, and I've been promising myself I would release a better version to everyone as soon as I could. It took a bit longer than expected, but I'm proud to offer the VistAdvance Wisbar Theme for your downloadable enjoyment! This theme is for WVGA+VGA (both WAD+WA3) or WQVGA+QVGA (WA3-only) PocketPCs running either Wisbar Advance v3+ or Wisbar Advance Desktop v2+ (having both installed is recommended).

VistAdvance Preview


Fixing a php.ini configuration file problem

» posted 4505 days ago @ 07:41 PM by George Merlocco in web

Though not too many people run PHP on top of IIS, (it's usually Apache, or LAMP) I am one of the few who does. I recently underwent setting up a proper development environment. This of course included installing PHP 5 and MySQL 5 onto IIS7 (within Windows Web Server 2008). I followed this guide which resulted in a successful integration of PHP within IIS7. Also note that if you are installing PHP onto Windows Server 2008 or IIS7, do NOT use the "Windows Installer" to set it up. Instead, grab the .zip file of all PHP files, and run through the manual installation procedures.

Anyways, on to the actual issue that I was experiencing, which caused me to reinstall Windows and waste about 5 hours of my precious life ;) I had PHP working, but the MySQL extension was not being loaded, specifically "php_mysql.dll". I thought everything was fine and dandy because when I ran a simple PHP_info test page that contained:

< ?php phpInfo();? >

I was greeted with the PHP configuration settings, however what I had failed to notice the first time was that some variables were not set correctly:


Adding domain users to the local admin group in Vista

» posted 4514 days ago @ 10:48 PM by George Merlocco in technology

Recently a client of mine adopted 2 new Vista laptops for use in the office domain which is run by a Win2k3 Server box. Many powerful features are available when a computer/user is joined to an Active Directory domain. Most of which I won't get into now.

The users of the new Vista laptops did need heightened permissions to install programs and the like, however I still wanted them to remain normal domain users in the AD. In Windows XP it was as easy as logging on as a local admin, running MMC and adding a domain user to the local administrators group. You would be able to browse the AD by selecting the "Locations..." button, however in Vista I found that it would ONLY show the local machine name, with no option to browse the domain which the laptop was joined to.