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protogenLabs (a division of I.T. Foundry Inc.) is a small web development studio located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in designing and developing complete website solutions for small to medium sized businesses, as well as individuals (personal blog sites, etc.). We are dedicated to offering our clients superior service, which in turn builds long-lasting and positive business relationships. Our team is comprised of 2 people, George Merlocco and Justin Kostek.

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George Merlocco - Lead Designer

George focuses mainly on designing cutting-edge front ends, and codes them into valid (x)HTML/CSS files. He got his start in web design after practicing with it as a hobby for over 9 years, whereas lately it has become his specialty, and his skillset, along with his passion, has grown to demonstrate this. George is well adapt in many aspects of technology, be it PocketPCs/Smartphones, Multimedia, Hardware and Networking. He also enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding, and spending time with his friends and family.

George is active on the inter-tubes, and these are some of the spots he frequents:

George on 9rules » George on 9rules | George on Digg » George on Digg.com | George on del.icio.us » George on del.icio.us
George on ma.gnolia » George on Twitter | George on StumbleUpon » George on StumbleUpon | George on StumbleUpon » George on deviantArt

Justin Kostek - Lead Developer

Justin is a web application developer who codes with ASP/ASP.NET. He has a strong understanding of SQL databases, and can develop a web-based custom app for just about any need. Justin was also fond of technology since back in the day, as he started out with a Cyrix-PC that was a *blazing* fast 60MHz! He is also interested in PocketPCs, and quite possibly going to developing an application for the popular handhelds.

Justin is also active on the inter-tubes, however not as much as he could be (we're working to fix that, so stay tuned for his link-age).

We focus on customer relations and helping clients attain their corporate objectives. Clients are regarded as partners and our goal is to compliment and enhance the existing business models of our customers. This is accomplished through the implementation of e-Marketing advice, innovative web design, and high-performance hosting options.

> web standards

Why create sites that follow web standards? The answer is quite simple really, standards encourage uniformality and accessibility across multiple platforms. Website code is rendered as it should be through many different browsers by following the industry-standards set forth by the W3C. We do our absolute best to ensure that any site we develop is displayed properly across many platforms, and we would always encourage you to use the latest version of your browser to get the greatest experience from this site and the web in general.

This site uses CSS for presentation styling, whereas the content and layout is structured with XHTML. By using proper xHTML and CSS markup, your site will not only benefit from slimmer file sizes (not as much data going through your web server everytime a request is made), but also from search engine optimization. Google (among others) often give preference to a site that has been coded cleanly and follows standards. We believe that both xHTML and CSS are going to remain an integral part of the web, and should be followed to ensure proper operability for the future.

> join our team

We're always looking out for talented developers and designers to help us create clean, fresh and functional websites. If you're a web designer or developer and would like to learn more about what joining the protogenLabs team can offer you, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to discuss any opportunities. Also, keep your eyes on this section of our site to be notified of any immediate job postings at protogenLabs.

We are currently not hiring for any full-time positions, but please get in touch with us if you'd still like to showcase your work.